Monday tuesdays are my weekend....

 (Vintage top, belt + purse, f21 boots, necklace + hat)

Here are the last of my super old, shoulda been posted ages ago pics. I think these are about a month old. Love this vintage belt. Ive been wearing it with almost everything. The perfect accessory. Also love this retro top. I think Im gonna make replica of it for my new line Smokin guns. 

On another note.....

Just got home from an awesome day out with my bestie Lauren and new acquaintance Dylana!

Super cool and sweet in person (and really tall i might add), we had an fun day out meeting up with her and getting a little eating and shopping in. 
My feet are totally recked from all the walking and its affecting my brain power. Ill be posting the rest of the pics tomorrow. til then bitches :)

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