I got a rubber soul.................

This week was spent buying and listening to records, gathering the rest of the vintage to sell, scouting photography studios and sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping. At the moment I am reluctantly cleaning and instead laying in a sea of records, so i decided to take some quick pics. Up for sell, these 3 pairs of shoes. Happy shopping ! Email me at Angie@theonethatrocks.com to purchase.

Studded black strappy heels: $45   size: 71/2    worn once here  

Strappy platforms $25   size: 9      worn once here

Vintage leather oxfords: $50  worn once here 

 (top left to bottom: bob dylan: highway, ziggy sardust, the cars, john&yoko: double fantasy, john lennon: imagine, the beatles: Sargent peppers lonely hearts band, george harrison, Extra texture, the best of george harrison, paul mcCartney: , led zepplin, the whos greatest hits,   the doors, rollin stones, pink floyd: darkside of the moon, wish you were here and the wall, the beatles: let it be, abbey road, Sargent pepper again (dont ask me why i have 2), 1961-1969 and Rubber soul, The best of the beach boys, The Strokes: is this it, The velvet underground)

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Sara said...

love the oxford shoes!!