Pink Animal....

(Vintage top and bag, thrifted Tommy Hilfiger leopard clogs, vintage jewelry and jeans ive owned for over ten years)

Played around a bit with photo editor to make my new twitter background. im in love. Got these tommy clogs for 10 bucks brand new. awesome find. The necklace i made by attaching 2 necklaces that i had for over 3 years but never wore because i deemed them neck fattening from being too short. There are now one of my favorite pieces. All day i got compliments saying how i looked old school and also that i somehow remind them of LL Cool J. haha. The purse was love at first sight. i absolutely adore it. It has gold chain handles and it reminds me of vintage Christian dior. LOVE.

sorry for being sort of MIA but my LINT shop is trying to murder me. As of right now its a complete disaster with only a few items posted. These items will soon be re-posted in new photos with actual models. bare with me guys. New photos and awesome vintage coming real soon.
angie xoxo

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Mz. More said...

Those clogs are soooo cute. Love them!