Flying overseas. No time to feel the breeze......

(vintage everything, forever21 rings)

Thought I would be able to rock this xl shirt, as is, but ended up having to belt it. The shoes i'd purchased over a year ago and finally found an outfit to wear them with. Although they proceeded to give me a blister promptly after a put them on, I love them! I plan to buy more.

Whirlwind last 2 weeks. Ive been running around with my head cut off trying to get my papers in order and getting packed for Thailand. Im going to be leaving in 2 weeks to tour with a Band. From what i know I will be there for a year. Im very excited and cant wait to leave the states. I truly need a vacation. I also took on the task of renovating 101.01 the one that rocks' website. Took me a full 7 days but I figured id get it done before i left. Not sure what Internet in Asia is like. I promise to post as often as my schedule allows me and i will continue to host the show. Download us on itunes or Listen on our site.

Also ill be making a lot of changes to my blog. Ive already changed my blog name and domain to 'Gypsy Stones'. It fits me and has a ring to it. Be sure to add me to your browser.
later lovies


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