Vintage Jumpsuit \\ Thrifted Belt Worn as Necklace \\ Ann Taylor Belt \\ Random Shoes

Man. id hate to have to start this off by stating that its been forever since i last posted but i have to. lately its been getting increasing hard to get my pics done. my bf/photographer is back in school so that means our schedules dont match up anymore. so its like a race against time and light everytime we get chance. but on top of these horrid obstacles, i guess i spoke too soon when i said the rain had finally stopped because, its been pouring for like forever to the 10th power so weve been killin ourselves to get it done every chance we get. I was starting to get worried, but luckily we had a beautiful day today.
thank you my precious followers who hung in there. lol.

Friday was my 26th birthday and i officially feel like im kinda over the hill. 26 isnt old but it just means to me that there is no more room for lazy days. in 4 years ill be 30 and that a scary thing for me. i have alot to accomplish. but i believe im on the right path. this has actually been the best year of my life and i only see blue skies from here. theres still alot i wanna do in my life but right now im pretty happy with what i HAVE been able to accomplish . have you read my twitter? i am content. well, you know........almost.


junee said...

Happy belated birthday ;) I used to scoff at my mom when she panicked over getting older every year but now I know better. You look amazing, I love the jumpsuit, except it looks a bit baggy. Get it altered and you'll blow everyone away.

FlowerChild said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You look gooooood for 26. I'm turning 27 in 3 weeks. Trust me I know what you mean about 30 being a scary thing. Ughhhh! It really feels like I was just 21. After 21 everything fast forwarded.

Suzanne said...

love that jumpsuit!

Fashion Pix said...

Happy belated birthday! You look so hot in that jumpsuit!!

Dynamite socks said...

awhh great jumpsuit! looks so good.. btw loveee MUSE! in twilight :) eeeee xxx

Mz. More said...

Loving this look... You are just too cute!

Victoria Hoffmann said...

ohhh fuck.

amazing overall with that black belt !! =0


SteFon said...

|Love your combi great outfit like it and you are really pretty by the way !! lol


Heather said...

This post is awesome! It reminds me of the Cindy crawford coke ad...but less sex and more fashion :)

Happy belated b-day! 26 isn't that old...and 30 isn't too bad either ;)

Would you like to excahnge blog links? I already added you to mine, cuz you're awesome.


J'Adore Fashion said...

love love that jumpsuit and the neclace!!! looing fab!!! xx

Teeney said...

that is the CUTEST jumpsuit ever!!! way to rock it girl!!


- Teeney

Anonymous said...

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