Vintage Top \\ Thrifted chanel purse

Gosh its really been forever since i last posted. bad combination of photographer going on vacation and lots and lots of rain. but the weathers definately makin up for it. 92 degrees today. jeeze.
its been a rough week for me for many reasons (non that i care to go into to right now) but i think im back on track. feels like myself again. soooo ridiculously happy to have a new post.
One whole week without posting? Never again.


LaurenSchoon said...

love this outfit! sexy pics.. my fav is the 4th one! my bad for going on vacation for so long. we were only supposed to be gone a few days! oh well, i'm back now. and i'm gonna be late for work. it's 8:57! lol good thing the time clock is a little slow!

Angie said...

lol. oh no youre never late..lol... nice to know that posting a comment on my blog was the are all my new favore reason...yeah these are all my new favorites. puts all my other ones to shame.....yea never go on vacation again...lol

priincess said...

OMG~ $4 CHANEL PURSE?! NO WAYYY!!! O.o so jealous!!

Sellen said...

SCORE on the Chanel purse! The thrift stores near me mark that stuff way up.


Angie said...

yeah .they do that at mines too. but they missed this one.i was a lucky ducky.

mango said...

thanks for visiting my blog!

I love Chanel, I'm still waiting to save up for my 2.55 bag though epp!, Ur so lucky you found one from a thrift joint