(Parasuco Jeans \\ Gap Vest \\ Vintage Jewelry \\ Thrifted Boots \\ Dolce+Gabbana Bag \\ Random Tank \\ CTNY Watch)

 There really is something about a jean vest that i just find so darn sexy.

Especially when they're worn with nothing underneath. i myself own way more than i should . just something about denim and something about vests. now, all denim doesn't mix. but, when done right........its very oh la la. This was the same outfit i wore on the first date with my boy. hence the title 'first dates'. the black boots. the jean vest. its always a good thing. 
Had something on underneath but...

needless to say, it did exactly what i wanted it to do. i got my boy.

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Lauren said...

love your 2 little hearts tattoo! you didn't use the perfect lips picture!!